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The Magic Of LED Christmas Lights.

They Get Me Into The Spirit.

Are you ready for Christmas?
Do you have all your LED light sets?

We are in the middle of a big change in Christmas lighting.

Are you on the cutting edge of this new era?




So why should you use LED Christmas lights

instead of incandescent lights?


There are quite a few reasons why, but the main reason for me, and many others, is the way they look. They just seem to emit a bright, beautiful color which cannot be done with the old incandescent lights.

Here is a picture of my house in 2008.

Most of the lights on the house were LED Christmas Lights.


You can purchase some here at my Amazon Store.



  Another reason you should use LED Christmas Lights instead of incandescent lights is they require a fraction of the power of incandescent bulbs. A typical string of 50 incandescent multicolored lights will draw about 20 watts as compared to 4 watts for the same size LED string. This is especially nice when combining strings. It seems like I was constantly replacing those stupid little tiny fuses in the plug. Well, no more.


  Also, LED's are cool to the touch making them easy to handle and a lot less likely to start a fire.


  Are you into being GREEN? You know, helping to save energy and in turn, helping to save the environment? Well the savings in your electric bill will be obvious at the end of the season.


  My number one struggle with the old incandescent lights was always that stupid light that burns out causing the rest of the string to go out. Or worse, half the string or even one color of a multiple color string. Grrrr.
Most well made LED strings don't work that way. If an LED goes out, the rest stay lit. Yessssssss.


  Another wonderful thing about LED's is they last a long, long time. Generally over 25,000 hours. They will most likely outlast the string itself. That's why it is a good idea to spend a little more for a quality LED light set now. It will probably pay for itself in a couple of years and last several years longer than that.



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