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LED Circuits To Play With

Solderless Breadboard

LEDs Are Fun


Here is a collection of LED circuits that I have gathered together for you to PLAY with.
There is no soldering necessary with most of them but you will need a Solderless Breadboard to put them together.
A solderless breadboard, for those who are just starting out, is a circuit building tool with connected rows used to connect the different circuits together. You can find them at your nearest Radio Shack. Here is one I built two seperate circuits on.

Another option is to use a Perf Board to assemble them. I have a little tutorial about building with
Perf Boards HERE...






Please use caution and build responsibly. If I feel that a circuit can endanger your life, I will tell you on that page so watch for it. Some circuits use 110VAC 60HZ as a supply. I don't want to scare anyone away but, "THIS KIND OF VOLTAGE CAN KILL YOU". OK, I've got your attention. If you're not quite sure about how to handle higher voltages, please move on to a lower voltage circuit.

Now on to the circuits.


LED Face small for LED Circuits PageSimple LED Circuit
Here's a little thing I put together with LED Lights that actually turned out much better than I planned. It is a simple circuit that uses low voltage so it is pretty safe.

Check out how I used this simple circuit in my LED Photo Project


The Simplest LED Flasher There Is
There are only two components, it only takes 10 seconds to build and there are absolutely no harmful voltages to worry about. Flashing LED and Button cell


This is a project for all ages and all skill levels.

It's called an LED Throwie.  Check it out right HERE...


More LED Flasher Circuits
Lots and lots of uses for these flashing/blinking/winking circuits.
Not only are they fun to build, they're easy to build too. Low voltage LED circuits are more enjoyable for me because there's less chance of getting a ssshhoocckkk. I hate those.
Anyway, some circuits flash, some blink slowly and some even Flip-Flop back and forth and up and down and....... Check them out



Desklamp pic for Electronics Circuits page12 LED Accent Light Circuit

Need just enough light to illuminate a dark corner of a room?
How about a light for your desktop?
Maybe even something for under your cupboards to light up your counter top.
Well this little 12 LED Accent Light Project might just do the trick.
To check it out just click

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Beautiful LED Christmas Lights
If you loved Christmas when you were little, You're gonna love the LED Christmas Lights I found for you.

The History Of LED's
The History Of LED's began in the early 1900's with the discovery of a light-emitting solid-state diode by the British experimenter H. J. Round of Marconi Labs.

LED Circuits Are Being Used In So Many Ways. Come Take A Look.
There are so many LED circuits out there. I have searched and found many fun and useful projects to play with.

LED Grow Lights Make Growing Plants Less Expensive.
LED Grow Lights have many advantages over other grow lights. Check them out here.

A Soldering Tutorial To Help You Create Perfect Connections For Your LED's.
This soldering tutorial will help you to make clean solder connections that make great contact for your LED's.

A Desoldering Tutorial To Help You Prepare Your Projects For Soldering.
This desoldering tutorial will help you prepare your projects for soldering.



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