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LED Photo Project

Here's the circuit that I put together with LEDs that actually turned out much better than I planned. I needed some pictures for the website and so I decided to try my hand at taking my own.

I breadboarded several different colored LEDs with some current limiting resistors and lit them up. Here is the simple schematic.



* The circuit draws about 140ma @ 5Vdc.
* Resistors are 1/2 Watt.
* The LED's were just some I had lying around. I adjusted the load resistor values to give the most uniform brightness among the LED's.
* The power supply was just an adjustable wall transformer I purchased from Radio Shack.



Then I turned out the lights and looped a piece of paper around and up the back and over the topof the lights.

With my camera on a tripod, I just turned off the flash and started snapping pictures while moving the paper around to make different patterns.

This is what I came up with. Pretty cool, huh?

I came up with lots of designs and lots of pictures.

(The wonderful thing about digital cameras, if you don't like the picture, you delete it.)

Notice the header at the top of the webpage is from this session of pictures. I just stretched, cropped, and played with the colors, (Using Windows Picture Manager) and came up with the header.


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