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Ron Stansell's About Me Page Is All About My Education In Electronics And LED's.


Welcome to “My LED Passion”

My name is Ron Stansell and I have been in the electronics business for over 35 years.
As for me personally, I'm tall, 6'6", and around 50 years old. I'm married to a beautiful Austrian named Martina. Our interests together include gardening and landscaping our 1 acre oasis. My personal interests are many, including golf, bowling (when my knees say it's OK), electronics and photography.

Professionally I ran my own business out of my home. It was simply called “Ron’s Stereo and VCR Repair”. As the name implies, my specialty was Stereo and VCR Repair.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

It all started in High School
It all began back in 1974 when I was 15 years old. Actually it probably started earlier since I used to love to take things apart so that I could see how they worked, but the electronics part started in 10th grade at Meadowdale High School in Lynnwood, WA.
I needed to pick a class as an elective and I didn’t want to do Drama class. I have trouble standing up in front of the mirror and speaking let alone standing in front of actual people. Well the only other classes to choose from were Home Economics, or Electronics. As a teenage boy, cooking and sewing were not on my list of things to do for fun (although the girls were a consideration) so I picked Electronics class.
I was afraid it was going to be really hard with all the math and rocket science kinda stuff but it actually turned out to be a lot of fun. I got to tear things apart and actually learned how they worked.

And continued in college
My life in electronics had begun. I messed around in other lines of work for a few years but when I was 19, I went to Portland Community College and started my quest for a two year Associates of Applied Sciences Degree.
I finished my first year and moved to Lynnwood, Washington and actually got a job at an Avionics company in Lynnwood called ELDEC Corp. where I started out in transformer testing. As I moved up in the company I got to work on a brand new project (back then) called the ‘Space Shuttle’, where I tested parts for the inside of the cockpit.
During that time I did a quarter towards my AA degree at North Seattle Community College. A while later I moved to Sumner, Washington and finished my AA degree at Green River Community College in Auburn, Washington.

This is where my real education started, OJT
In 1981 I started working at a medical ultrasound company in Bothell, Washington called Advanced Technology Labs. Last time I checked it operated as a subsidiary of Philips Ultrasound, Inc. There, I learned a great deal about electronics including digital and microprocessors. I also learned a lot about medical ultrasound and the methods used to ‘see’ into the human body. Very enlightening. I also learned all about VCR's since they were incorporated into their systems.
In Sept. of 1986, I quit working at ATL to raise my newborn daughter and start my own business at home.

My own business
As I said earlier, it was called “Ron’s Stereo and VCR Repair”. I was quite successful working at home for a while until circumstances caused me to re-enter the workforce as an Avionics technician at a company in Auburn, Washington called Aero Controls Inc.
I worked in the Electronics Dept. repairing cockpit modules and electronic systems for several different kinds of jets including the Boeing 727 through the 757. After 6 ½ years there, medical problems forced me to leave the workforce.

2 years of nothing
I tried and tried to use my computer skills to make money on the internet but I just couldn’t seem to get it right.
I tried selling men's and women's designer fashions. Ebay wouldn’t cooperate. I tried doing my own affiliate website but I just didn’t know enough about how to do it.
I spent several months learning about, and then getting my insurance agents license so that I could sell a Whole Life Insurance policy through a company with the idea to “Bank on Yourself™”. A great way to save money. My problem is, I am not a salesman. I just don’t have the knack for selling.

So now what?
In my quest to find something to make a living, from home, on my time, without a boss looking over my shoulder, I decided to look into affiliate websites again.

Like an offering from above
My first search through Google, and I start seeing it: “SBI”, “Site Build It”. So I checked it out and discovered what I had been searching for, for over 2 years: a way to build an affiliate website that comes with everything I need to succeed.
Ken Evoy has put together something that everyone should see. Anyone who is looking for a way to be a stay-at-home parent, who needs to make money at the same time, with little or no knowledge about the internet and it’s inner workings.
So please, if you are interested in this, take a look at my
SBI page, and thank you for reading About Me.



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