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Amerelle Directional LED Nitelite Review


In an effort to bring more LED products to the consumer, Home Depot stores have been adding to their inventory, and this, among others, is one of their LED anti-toe stubbing products.

Take a look.



Here are some pictures of the product.

In The Package

Lit Up




Hereís a list of features:


MFG Brand Name : Amerelle

MFG Model # : 71352

Automatically On at dusk, Off at dawn

UL Listed

Costs pennies per year to operate

No bulbs to replace

Rotates 360 degrees

LEDs can last up to 25 years

Energy saving

Cool to the touch




My Observations

It seems well built for longer life. It has your usual light sensor so it will come on automatically when it gets dark, as it should be. It rotates 360 degrees so you can adjust it. I like the fact that it costs almost nothing to operate and it should last a long time since LEDs usually donít fail for, say, oh, 25 years or more. Itís cool to the touch, so the kids wonít burn their little fingers. The color of the light is white.


The light is average for brightness. Not overly bright but that's O.K. for a nitelite.

In Conclusion

If youíre looking for an average, well built nitelite, this one will do nicely. Itís pretty much up to your own personal taste in design. If you like the style, buy it. By the way, did I mention they come two to a pack? Not bad for the price.



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