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Feit LED Worklite Review


In an effort to bring more LED products to the consumer, Fred Meyer stores have been adding to their inventory. There are many new LED products quickly coming into the market so keep an eye on this website to see what new products you might be interested in.


Take a look



Here are some pictures of the product


In The Package

Lit Up




Here’s a list of features:


MFG Brand Name : Feit Electric

MFG Model # : 72320

Contains 60 LED Bulbs

50,000 Hour LED Life

Super Bright LEDs

Swivel Hanging Hook

Water, Oil and Shock Resistant

Recharge Time: 1.5 Hours

Recharge Time: Suitable for Vehicle, Boating, Professional and Handyman use

Recharge Time: 5 Hour Battery Life

Recharge Time: 120V Wall Charger and 12V Car Charger Included




My Observations

This is a nice, bright work light. With 60 Super Bright LEDs, it does a nice job of casting shadows. With the included car charger, you can work even longer. The 5 hour battery life is pretty nice considering it has to keep 60 LEDs lit. That's quite a feat.



The light is pretty bright. I think it matches up with almost any other battery powered LED light out there.


In Conclusion

I like it. I think it's worth the $30 that Fred Meyer charges. If anyone comes across anything better, please go to my Contact Me page below and let me know. I'll look into it.



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