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The Simplest LED Flasher There Is

Did I say simple?

This is it, a Flashing LED and a Button Cell Battery. It only uses a 3 volt battery so it is completly safe for just about anybody.


Just keep the batteries away from little ones,

they can really get hurt if they're swallowed.


Anybody can make one, just follow these simple instructions.

Start by purchasing some RGB Fast-Blinking LED's and some CR2032 3v Lithium 2032 Coin Batteries . You only need one of each for each flasher but it's so much fun to make them that you'll want plenty.

Picture of an LED with illustrations. First, some information you need to know

LED's have two wires (Leads) coming out of them. The Negative lead is the Cathode and the Positive lead is the Anode. You'll notice a flat spot on the rim on the Cathode side and the lead is shorter.



Simply identify the + side of the Battery, position the LED so that the Anode is on the same side as the + side and slide it on. The LED should start flashing right away. If not, check your battery polarity, is it correct?


Flashing LED and button cell. Flashing LED and button cell combined.



Flashing LED and button cell taped.Bravo

If your LED is flashing then you've done it. Pat yourself on the back. You've built an electronic circuit. Now just wrap some tape around the battery and you're done. It usually lasts a couple of days before the battery dies, at which time, you can just tape another battery in its place and away you go. Now it's your turn to figure out what to do with it.




LED Throwie

I know what you can do with it. Get yourself a Rare Earth Magnet, tape it on the flasher circuit you built, and throw it on your fridge... or anything else made of metal. It's called an LED Throwie and you can read all about them on the internet.





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